Tom Cruise and Scientology Vs The Journal of Clinical Investigation

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115-8-cover2005 | Tom Cruise is Dangerous and Irresponsible
Ushma S. Neill, Executive Editor, Journal of Clinical investigation
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For a time around  2005, the film actor Tom Cruise  took it upon himself to  promote Scientology’s aggressive hostility to psychiatry and psychiatric medication in media interviews.

In a masterpiece of understatement, this article in The Journal of Clinical Investigation examines many of of the statements that Cruise made at this time (and also refers to  L Ron Hubbard’s writings).

It concludes that  there was no rational medical foundation for his advice,  and that attempting to follow it was potentially hazardous to health. Consequently the medially qualified author characterised the (unqualified) actor’s behaviour as ‘dangerous and irresponsible’.

Some people may raise an eyebrow at such an uncompromising condemnation. I don’t blame them. It is reasonable to doubt that a highly-motived  film actor who caters to a mass…

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