The Scientology Mafia Wall Chart

The Scientology Money Project

Scroll down for Version 3 of my “three column version” of the Scientology Mafia. The latest chart compares the Church of Scientology to the classic Mafia structure. In this case, David Miscavige is the boss of the three major components of the Scientology Mafia: CSI, IAS., and the Sea Org.

For many decades the classic Mafia legal defense was to argue that the Mafia did not exist — and it was virtually impossible for prosecutors to actually prove that the Mafia existed. In the same vein, Sea Org Captain David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology are arguing in court that the Sea Org has no legal existence and that Sea Org rank means nothing. In my view, however, the Church of Scientology is the operating arm of Scientology’s paramilitary Mafia-like Sea Org.

To be exact, the Church of Scientology and the Sea Org are inseparable and synonymous; the distinction…

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